Old Cedar R/C Speedway Pittston, Maine. Paved Oval

Old Cedar R/C Speedway Large Scale 1/5  1/4 Oval


What does a paved oval, 450′ around and 16 ft. wide with 6 degrees of bank on straights and 9 degrees in corners have to do with Large Scale R/C Racing? EVERYTHING! Sounds like some good scale racing if you ask me. Check out some of images from the Old Cedar Speedway in Maine and you will see what I mean.

TGN Distributing and LSN have teamed up to sponsor this beautiful track and its events. Even since watching the oval racing at the Hostile Bajafest I was blow away by how much fun going in circles can be. Just watching it was exciting, I have to imagine driving those ovals with the throttle pinned is exhilarating.

Oval racing seems to be growing more and more in Large Scale R/C. With the incredible scale bodies from RobShop Racing you have your choice of turing your HPI Baja 5b, 5t or 5SC into a Late Model, EDM or IMCA style oval car.

You can get more info on this track HERE. You can read and chat about these races located in Maine in the forums HERE.


Track Info:

We are a Family owned purpose built R/C race facility located in Pittston, Maine.
The track is 400ft. around 16 ft wide, banked 6 deg. on straights with 9 deg. of banking in corners.
As racers ourselves we strive to make this the best R/C experience not only in the state of Maine but in all of New england.

We plan to offer a class for everyone. From 8 to 80, newbie to pro you are welcome here!
The classes and rules will be better defined once we get our wheels under us and get geared up. For now we are planning on running 1/10 scale 4 cell electric stock car, 1/10 scale nitro, SK Modifieds electric, 1/4 scale gas stock car, and any other we can come up with. I would like to start a class where you build your own 1/4 scale car from scratch……Could be interesting!

Old Cedar R/C Speedway Large Scale 1/5  1/4 Oval

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