Race Car Prototypes – All New Website


Race Car Prototypes announces all new website!

RCP has beed one of our favorite vendors in 1/5 scale. They are a small company that not only makes a quality product but they back it up with service and support you would expect from the big boys. They have participated in our trade shows, supported several of the events and races around the globe and we appreciate that greatly.

TGN is a proud distributor of their fine products and we are happy to share the news of their new website. Make sure to take a look at the gallery where he as images of full scale truck bodies showing you step by step how he makes these incredible bodies.

Side Notes: If you dig motor sports, quality photography and killer websites you have to check out the guys behind this new RCP website – BLINK.

And if you want to see a bunch of pictures of the custom built HPI Baja Class 1 project RCP has been working on (pictured below), check out the last few pages of the Dunetoberfest album.




Press Release:


El Cajon, CA

Bink Designs is proud to announce their latest website alliance with Race Car Prototypes. Started in 2008, Race Car Prototypes or known as ( RCP ) has developed and designed some of the most high-end custom off road race vehicle bodies out today with race teams & fabricators such as All German MotorsportsMcMillin RacingTSA MotorsportsStewart’s Race Works and many others. RCP also caters to the highly popular R/C crowd with bodies and accessories for the 1:5th Scale HPI Baja 5T. RCP has quickly become well known in the off-road and R/C community.

The Bink designed site display’s Race Car Prototypes line of R/C products, services, cutting edge news and media gallery displaying some of the latest RCP projects. Simple navigation with the integration of social media will have you coming back again and again for the latest news on the company’s jaw dropping projects and products.

“We have known John Tripp at RCP quite a long time and have a great working and personal relationship. Putting this website together with John was an extremely smooth process and we are extremely pleased how this project turned out. The new website was built to give consumers an easy way to purchase products directly from the RCP site and follow the latest full scale custom builds from concept to completion.” commented Brian Binkert owner of Bink Designs.


Race Car Prototypes offers complete design services from concept and working prototypes to final product. RCP can handle the project in house or on location in the privacy of your own shop. From hand illustrations to the custom hand sculpted race bodies that is both unique in design and function, the goal is to set the customer above the rest.


“We chose Bink Designs because of their reputation for delivering high quality design and printing in the off-road industry. Bink Designs has been a key element since the beginning of the conceptual stages of RCP. All the work they have done for us has surpassed all of our expectations.” stated John Tripp, owner of Race Car Prototypes.

About Bink Designs
Bink Designs is a premier graphic design company located in San Diego, CA. Since 2003, Bink Designs has been committed to providing cost-effective solutions for clients’ high-end graphic needs. Bink Designs will work with you to develop a strategy that matches your goals. Bink Designs offers a number of services, including: Identity, Print Design, Vinyl Graphics, Web Design, Photography & Apparel.

For more information about Bink Designs, please visit www.binkdesigns.com

TEAMCHASE RC QUICK TIPS #3 – Exhaust Header Wrap

TeamChase RC Quick Tips #3 – Exhaust Header Wrap


TeamChase has released Quick Tip #3 where they show you how to reduce the heat from typical exhaust tuned pipe headers that wrap very near important chassis parts like the rear upright shock towers on your HPI Baja 5b 5t 5sc or ss. This tip would be useful for any large scale 1/5 RC including the Losi 5IVE-T or MCD and FG’s.

See Tip #1 and #2 HERE.

Thanks TeamChase for sharing this great tip.

Cool 360deg views of R/C Tracks e-Bulles

Cool R/C Track Panos and 360 views

I was browsing a facebook page of an all new TGN vendor, TeamMSR (insider tip)  and found a post where he linked to this cool website. Check it out at www.pano.e-bulles.be and notice he has a couple different tracks to the right side. The panos are 360 views but if you click on the flash button below the pic you get a great 360 controllable view. Pretty neat!

I think LSN needs to learn to do this in the future. What do you think?




DOGPILE Racing – Shock Balls for your HPI Baja

DOGPILE RACING – Shock Balls for the HPI Baja 5b 5t 5sc & ss


Only days ago they released the Dog Balls to the public and now they have taken that same concept and brought them to the shock ball ends. More details below.


Part #: DPR102

Product Link: HERE


Press Release:


  • Tired of your worn shock caps popping off and cutting your race short?
  • Tired of suspension slop in your shock ends?


Here is your solution:


Built from corrision resistant 303 stainless steel with an oversized ball to take up some of that shock end slop. Captures your shock cap so it can’t pop off turning your race into a DNF


  • 4 x replacement shock balls and necessary installation hardware.
  • Dogpile racing sticker
Fitment: These balls are wider than stock, so they will not fit inside some aftermarket shock towers like the Turtle Racing towers.





LIVE coverage of the 2011 HPI Racing West Coast Baja Nationals

2011 HPI Racing West Coast Baja Nationals

Get LIVE video feeds with race coverage, interviews and contests at www.rclargescale.com/live/

Check out the LSN live images being uploaded at www.photos.tgndistributing.com

Updates from LSN will start Saturday 12th when we arrive with our shop mechanic Kenny. TGN will be setting up a booth and covering the event for LSN and Kenny will be racing for TGN in the 5b and 5t class.

Sunday Wrap-Up

Well this event was a huge success in my mind. The turnout was great, the location and weather was perfect. We saw a great turnout of manufactures, some just hanging out, some displaying parts or cars and others out on the race track. Our in house tech Kenny raced for his first time and really enjoyed himself. Next year we will have to get their earlier to allow him some practice time on the track and time to tune and tweak his car and truck. I can not say enough good things about John Schultz and the HPI team. Thank you all for what you do for our hobby. A BIG thanks goes out to Larry of Giant RC for the great track and Christian from Baja Modifiers for making that long trip out to support the racers with hobby shop on wheels.  Expect more images and videos to be uploaded later this week.

Saturday Wrap-Up
Saturday morning the track was pretty muddied up from the nights rain but with the efforts of TeamFastEddy and his RZR and John Schultz’s golf kart the track was looking good by 10am. The R/C Gods kept us free of rain for the most part the rest of the day. the turnout was strong with racers from as far as Holland and Italy and a healthy turnout of manufactures being represented. All and all it was great day of racing and socializing and getting to know more of our friends. We will be uploading more images today as well as a video or two to YouTube. We hope you enjoy.

Oh and make sure to watch the live video feed from RCLS linked above. They have several cameras from different angles of the track, interviews and contests. The Qaulity of their live coverage is second to none AND you can even watch it from your iPhone!

Newest updates will be at the top (for videos go HERE)

[smugmug url=”http://photos.tgndistributing.com/hack/feed.mg?Type=gallery&Data=19855513_HXcPLh&format=rss200″ title=”Hostile%20Bajafest%20PhotoFeed%20from%20LSN” imagecount=”100″ start=”1″ num=”90″ thumbsize=”Ti” link=”lightbox” captions=”false” sort=”true” window=”false” smugmug=”false” size=”M”]

TeamChase Toys for Tots Drive 2011

Toys For Tots Drive

TeamChase Compound – December 3rd 2011


TGN attended this event last year and it was a BLAST. So many great things to say about this event, to make it easy, just check out our coverage of last years great event HERE.

TGN/LSN and many other top manufactures in the Large Scale industry will be on hand to participate in this great event. Brink you FG, HPI Baja or your Losi 5IVE-T or any R/C for that matter and come bash around and race on the NEW track for the 2012 season.

 TeamChase Press Release:


Well it’s that time of year at the 

Team Chase Compound.

We are having our annual Toys for Tots Drive to help provide toys for kids over the holidays.

Date 12-03-2011 Time 9:00am – 9:00pm


  • Toys for Tots is run by the United States Marine Corps. Several Marines will be attending the event to collect toys.
  • We require a toy for donation in exchange for a day of RC FUN. * all people attending spectators and drivers are required to bring a toy for entrance.
  • Information can be found on LargeScaleNews.com, TGNdistributing.com, RClargescale.com, RCdriver.com, HPIracing.com as well as teamchaseonline.com
  • All 1/5 scale RC brands are welcome FUN SMILE FUN SMILE FUN SMILE is what we want for every one.
  • If you plan on attending please go to www.teamchaseonline.com and RSVP. Just follow the links on our site.
  • We will have open track fun, races (two wheel drive and four-wheel drive), long jump, last-man standing, and anything else you guys would like to do.
    Gates open at 8:00am Fun is from 9:00am to 9:00pm
    Please bring your own table, chair, Ez up, drinks, snacks or anything else you may need.
  • Events will start at 9:00am
  • prizes will be awarded for the following
    *Most Festive Large scale Rc*
    *Most lights on a Large scale Rc (they have to work)*
    *Most Festive Individual*
    *RC enthusiast who traveled the farthest to attend*
    In n Out will be catering the event again. (Dinner provided by Team Chase)
  • 4:30-5:00 GROUP PICTURE
  • 5:00-6:00 Dinner served.
  • 6:00-9:00 Open Drive, and more fun events.
  • Prizes will be awarded to all event winners.
  • Team Chase Compound location: 17033 La Mina Lane, Perris Ca. 92570


**Please Note** Everyone attending the event, even spectators, must sign an insurance waiver prior to entering the Team Chase Compound. There will be only one entry into the event on the West side of the property. Wristbands will be provided upon registration. Parking for the event will be designated by signs upon arrival. All food and drinks, with the exception of dinner, is to be “SELF PROVIDED”. The Team Chase Compound is a very rural location and has NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION. We will gladly allow any of our guest to use the house phone and suggest you provide that number to any loved ones who may need to reach you during the event. 1-951-657-1350


Here are a couple pictures of last years event. Enjoy:

MCD Announces the New W5 SCT 1/5 4WD

MCD Racing W5 SCT 1/5 4WD



It’s always nice to see something new in LargeScale, no matter if its a simple new part to fix a problem or even better an all new platform. The early images of this new 4WD 1/5 Short Course Truck from MCD Racing look pretty exciting although we can not tell if they have changed much under the hood. I guess in time we will see and LSN will report back when we find more detailed images. For now check out the press release below.


Source: www.mcdracing.com



Direct Link to Product: HERE

Be prepared for the new action packed short course truck W5! Designed and built in MCD, the W5 is surely going to be another breakthrough in the large scale off-road segment. The W5 is equipped with totally new Xross Max Off-Road Tyres , quintuple lamp pods and unique front and rear bull-wings.  The new Xross Max  is a large 190mm tire derived from the very famous MCD Micro-Stud Tyres added on the know-how gained throughout the competitive races during the season. To be released very soon, Short Course enthusiasts can now pre-order  their W5 from their dealers.

Savox enters the Large Scale Servo Game


Savox 1/5 Large Scale Servos for HPI Baja or Losi 5IVE-T

Choices…it’s what life is all about right? The more the better if you ask me. Well now Savox has widened our choices when it comes to what is often called the1/4 scale servo. Savox has really made a name for itself here in the US and these servos look to have the specs of a winner in 1/5 scale arena.  Expect LSN to be doing a review of these servos soon in either our HPI baja as a steering servo or maybe our Losi 5IVE-T in both the steering and the throttle.




Part Number: SAVSV0235mG (pictured above)

Product Link: HERE



Dimensions(mm): 65.8×30.0x57.4
Weight(g): 200.0
Speed(@6.0V sec/60): .18
Torque(@6.0V kg-cm/oz-in): 28.0/388.8
Speed(@7.4V sec/60): .15
Torque(@7.4V kg-cm/oz-in): 35.0/486.1
Gear: Metal
Bearing: 1BBMB
Case: Plastic
25 Tooth Spline
1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect




Part Number: SAVSV0236MG

Product Link: HERE


Dimensions(mm): 65.8×30.0x57.4
Weight(g): 200.0
Speed(@6.0V sec/60): .21
Torque(@6.0V kg-cm/oz-in): 30/416.6
Speed(@7.4V sec/60): .17
Torque(@7.4V kg-cm/oz-in): 40.0/555.5
Gear: Metal
Bearing: 1BB
Case: Aluminum
25 Tooth Spline
1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect

Darksoul dresses you for the holidays – New T-Shirts

DarkSoul Racing T-Shirts

There are a lot of R/C T-Shirts out there but few are this darn cool. Check out what DarkSoul has done on their new t-shirt. Wicked designs and two unique colors. Perfect timing for X-Mas. More details below.



Product Part Number: DSR0500

Product Link: HERE

You put their logo on you R/C Car, now put it on your back with DarkSoul’s newest T-Shirts.  100% cotton.


Available Colors:


  • Tan
  • Fatigue Green


Available Sizes:


  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • XX-Large
  • XXX-Large.






DarkSoul HPI Baja 5SC V4 Dog Bones

DarkSoul HPI Baja 5SC v.4 Dog Bones

Finally an alternative to the stock bones and drive cups for the HPI Baja 5sc. Yes HPI increased the size and strength of the new bones and cups on the 5sc but it is still not meeting the demand of the large scale bashers so DarkSoul did something about it. They took the best dogbone and drive cup reinforcement option on the market and adapted it to the 5SC size requirements. Read more below.


Part Number: DSR0035

Product Link: Bones –  Toobz

With the 5mm round pin, you are applying all the drive pressure on a very small area only a few thousandths wide on the tangent of said round pin. This is pretty much the equivalent of a knife edge. Over time, this will wear to a somewhat flat surface, but by this time, you have grooved either the drive cup, or the drive pin, or a little of both which in turn now creates slop, this slop is potentially disastrous since now the drive pin can bang back and forth when on and off the throttle creating a severe stress point.


With our new design, you get many advantages. To start, the drive surface of the pin is 5mm wide, so there is a wide flat surface now pushing on the drive cup. The center part of the v4 cross pins are 6.5mm in diameter, this added diameter allows the pin to self-center inside of the drive cup without being able to slide out in either direction, so no set screws are needed. The cross pin will rotate so there is no binding while the suspension articulates through its range. As well, you can continue to use your stock drive cups, although now that the pins/bones are all but indestructible, you may want to beef up the cups with some TOOBZ.


The one thing to keep in mind however, is that YOU MUST RUN GREASE AND BOOTS. The cross pin needs to have lubricant on it at all times. We strongly recommend Fast Eddy grease.




Failure to lubricate and protect these pins will increase their wear unnecessarily. If using the DarkSoul TOOBZ on the drive cups, it may be a little tight to get the bones in the slots since the TOOBZ slightly squeeze the cup, but they will go in with some pressure.