Driving your Large Scale R/C with your iphone.

iphly used to control your r/c  plane heli car and truck with your iphone

So would you do it? Drive your HPI baja or FG with your iPhone? How about your plane or helicopter? If you had this cool gadget would you at least attempt to drive you Large Scale R/C with it? I know I would and LSN has one on its way so we can review it and take our shop HPI Baja 5sc out for spin.

So what is it? It’s an iPhly. Simply put it’s a device that allows you to plug in a 2.4 transmitter pack and use your iphone to operate just about anything R/C. Pretty cool huh? This project was funded in part by a very¬†intriguing¬†site called KickStart and you can read more about that HERE.

The iPhly will be for sale on the RC4WD website and possibly by other dealers soon. For now you can put your name on a waiting list HERE.

You can also get more info at iPhly.org.


Watch LSN for a product review soon. To read others thoughts or add your own, please continue your thoughts and conversations on this thread HERE.