BZM Micro 28.5cc TT “Torque Tuned” Motor now in stock

BZM Micro 28.5 cc Torque Tuned Reed Motor


The BZM Micro 28.5cc TT motor is an engine specifically tuned for 4WD trucks, most notably the Losi 5IVE-T. The first batch of these motor came in several weeks back and the word had got out before we could even get them on the site and they sold out within the first day. Well a second batch of engines are here at TGN and we are happy to have them up and available on our site for purchase. Get yours shipped free NOW before they are gone again.


Part Number: BZM-10028-TT

Product Link: HERE


Press Release:


More torque power. 
More power where you need it.

This tune will give your Losi or MCD the punch it needs to get it going off the mark. And hold the power. The engine has been modded for drop in replacement for the MCD. For Losi fitment some shims maybe needed depending on gearing between the engine and chassis.

Please take the time to watch our Losi installation video BELOW for more details.

What sets these engines apart. You ask.

  • A whole new design for our industry.
  • 4 bolt cylinder.
  • 5 bolt head.
  • Nikasil cylinder lining.
  • This coating reduces friction and extends the life of the engine.
  • Dome piston.
  • Billet con rod.
  • Full circule crank.
  • Reed induction.
  • Carbon fibre fan cover No more crank case bearing failures.
  • Phenolic bearings twice the size of the current engine bearings available.
  • Leaking head and crank case gaskets a thing of the past.
  • BZM decided not to use gaskets and opted for a combination of O’rings and liquid gasket.
  • Drops straight in with the exception of a little work to the clutch case if not a Zenoah.


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