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MCD Steps it up with the all new RR5 1/5 Buggy

MCD Steps it up with the all new RR5 4WD 1/5 Buggy Well well well…look what we have here. A new 1/5 Large Scale 4WD model from MCD. The manufactures name is not one on most peoples minds when you … Continue reading

LSN looks back at 6 years of Large Scale Coverage

  A look back at 6 years of 1/5 Events and Reviews LSN looks at 6 years of Large Scale Event Coverage and Product Reviews – This is a quick look at only 400 images taken out of thousands upon … Continue reading

October is Dunetoberfest Month – Details Inside

Dunetoberfest 2012 – a month long¬†celebration of R/C’s in the Dunes.     UPDATE: NOV 2012 Dunetoberfest California Lives On! Read about the gathering and get more info on this RCLS post HERE   UPDATE: Get a chance to own … Continue reading

Buy RC Stuff – RC Auctions for $.99 is now open for business   Wile browsing the RC NIGHTMARE website¬†getting a new post for LSN finished up I ran across this cool website they are working on. It’s called . It looks pretty cool and … Continue reading

Large Scale R/C Demo at RCX Long Beach 2012

Get ready for a demo of Large Scale R/C at RCX Long Beach   We read some great news today on RCLargeScale forums. Confirmation on Giant RC and friends will be running a demo oval track outside the RCX Show. … Continue reading

Turtle Racing V2 Billet Pull Start has landed

Turtle Racing V2 Billet Part Start Assembly Now Shipping   Well I am not sure this one should be called a “V2” at all. Turtle Racing took a much needed and used product that he was already selling and put … Continue reading

RCX 2012 Long Beach – The Ultimate Radio Control Expo

RCX 2012 Long Beach April 28th & 29th This year is going to be a great year for RCX. New venue in a new city with new attractions. The vendor list is growing, TGN and its vendors are proud to … Continue reading

RADIOPOST now at TGN Distributing – Mini Review

RadioPost radios and servos now available at TGN     Find the RADIOPOST product on TGN HERE!   We first saw the RADIOPOST brand displayed at the RCX show in 2011 Pomona. We were impressed by the design and features … Continue reading