Dark Soul Dual Steering Servo Mount for the Losi 5IVE-T

Dark Soul Racing Dual Steering Servo Mount for the Losi 5IVE-T

Many of your hard core Losi drivers know the ups and downs of the steering servos. While it has been a popular part to replace with an aftermarket option, there still to this day not an “ultimate” or “perfect” servo made for our cars and trucks. We need GOBS of torque, good speed and they must be able to put up with the abuse and torture we put them through. Well it seems the jury has decided that dual servos is the only way to fly if your serious about your 1/5 scales, especially racing the Losi 5IVE-T.  Check out this cool new product by Dark Soul that is sure to please the most advanced users. Press Release below.


Part Number: DSR7040

Product Link: HERE


The Losi dual steering servo bracket is the single best hop up you can buy for your Losi in terms of added performance.

Built from a single piece of aluminum, this bracket mounts directly to the chassis, eliminating any and all flex associated with the stock plastic standoffs that are currently used. A larger engine will give you plenty more straight away speed, but it ends there, races are won in the corners, and by massively improving your trucks ability to corner, you will see noticeably faster lap times.

The single steering servo setup that comes stock in your Losi is already underpowered for such a large truck, add in billet upgrade components, a bigger engine and so on, and the steering will get worse and worse the more laps you run.

The single servo is, in our opinion, underpowered from the get go, so by removing the stock, and adding 2 time tested and proven steering servos, you will see much better steering power, speed, and response.



  • Billet Dual Servo Mount – Machined from a solid block of 6061 T6 aluminum for maximum strength and rigidity.
  • Direct power harness – This harness is designed to bypass power around the receiver straight to the servos, only the signal wire is running to the receiver. This allows the servos to draw as much power is needed, without the risk of damaging your expensive receiver. This is a legitimate issue when running two high power servos. The harness also has an auxiliary port for use with either the included green LED to signify power on, or can be swapped out with items such as the Killer RC Battery Monitor.
  • Dual Sided Servo Horns – These machined from billet servo horns are not only considerably stronger and more rigid than stock, but are just the right length to get maximum throw, and maintain as much torque as possible direct to the steering drag link.
  • Drag Link Spacer – This simple spacer will set your drag link to just the optimum length for max steering throw.
  • All necessary hardware – Every piece of hardware required for this setup is included. Servo Mounting screws, rod ends to connect the two servo horns together, bracket mounting bolts, and so on. If you need it for this conversion, its in there.

This steering system is designed for use with the following servos:

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