DS Wheel Nuts for the Losi 5IVE-T

DarkSoul Losi 5IVE-T Enclosed Wheel Nuts

Check out the new release from DarkSoul. I will let the press release do the talking but make note that these allow you to use any HPI sized wheel wrench like the over the top BSW Wrench/Bottle Opener. This makes life a LOT easier for those lucky few who own both a Losi and HPI 1/5 scales.


Product Link: HERE

Part Number: DSR7030

 Press Release:

DarkSoul Racing’s Losi Enclosed Wheel Nuts. Made from 6061 T6 aluminum, and black anodized with the DS text logo laser engraved onto them.

The DarkSoul wheel nuts have the stock 1.5 pitch thread that Losi uses, so they will work with the stock axles. These wheel nuts also utilize a 24mm hex (as opposed to the stock Losi 25mm hex), so they will work with all existing HPI Baja wheel nut wrenches, which are widely available in many forms from several different manufacturers. However, because of the difference in hub thickness from the Losi to the HPI wheels, these nuts will ONLY work with the Losi wheels. THEY WILL NOT WORK WITH HPI WHEELS.

Here is the wheel nut weight comparison, so although you gain a few grams of weight, you gain the ability to use the large variety of aftermarket wheel nut wrenches that are out there, and having an enclosed design will keep dirt, mud and debris out of the axle end.-

Stock Losi nut – 5 gr.
DS Losi Enclosed nut – 9 gr.

DS flanged Baja nut – 8 gr.
DS enclosed Baja nut – 12 gr.


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