TeamChase RC Quick Tips #1 – Turtle Rear Trans Plate

TeamChase Quick Tip #2 Turtle Racing Rear Transmission Plate

TeamChase RC Quick Tip #2 – Turtle Racing Rear Transmission Plate Modification

TeamChase has brought you another RC Quick Tip video. This time he walks you through the modification of a Turtle Racing Rear Transmission Plate and Turtle Racing One Piece Brake Mount. This modification allows you to remove your clutch carrier without the need to remove your rear transmission plate. Saving time and frustration.

TeamChase reminds you that this modification ONLY works on the Turtle products linked above on your HPI Baja 5b, 5t, 5sc or ss. They also point out that this will obviously void any warranty on the part ( we don’t think you will ever need one for this part). You can see these Turtle Racing products and many others HERE.

TeamChase is an active member in the Large Scale R/C scene and has a full product line you can see HERE.









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